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Style is something that gets better with age, it is definitely what you feel on the inside that finds its own way to express itself to the outside. Leinné was fortunate to have a private appointment with Ms. Nguyen Huu Hanh during her busy work schedule. As a director and business woman, this woman also has her own rules in enjoying her private world, her belief in personal style, passion for beauty and art.

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Having started working since sophomore year in college, what are the passions motivating you with your career choices?

“Family” has always been my main motivation to achieve goals and success as a business woman. I’m always striving for their happiness and real life satisfaction, “Fortune is not an end but a means to an end”, therefore balance between work and life is what i’m living for, to both support my family and to enjoy my own life. 

What are the traits of a modern successful woman in your opinion?

‘Borned as a woman” makes it harder to become successful. With challenges and judgements ahead, i believe “honest - strong - bold” are the must-have tributes for a successful woman. Life will never stop being tough, but a woman who understands herself would be invincible

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If you weren’t a business woman, what would you choose to become?

I was born in art since my parents were professional photographers in Saigon back in the 70s. The love for arts has stayed in my vein ever since i picked up a brush and started my very first painting. If i were not a business woman, i might now be an artist travelling here and there, to see and to draw for the record of beauty all around this marvelous world. 

What you love to do for relaxation and chilling, especially on the weekend?

To be honest, it was rare for me to be free. However, whenever i manage to have my own space, i would enjoy shopping and taking care of my body. Besides, i usually hang out with friends and colleagues, to be more social and to listen to their stories,  since i believe ‘sharing is caring”

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What’s the most important thing in your personal life right now?

Since i’m single so obviously, family and my brainchild - Vietbuzzad are the most important. It’s one of my life achievement to be able to take care for the whole family, in terms of a stable life without crisis or hardships like before. However, at the moment, realization of Vietbuzzad’s 10-year vision is the most crucial to me above anything else. 


Having an elegant fashion style, how did you find and choose Leinné’s designs, be a Leinné Woman?

I randomly found Leinné when searching for travel essentials during preparation for my last Europe trip. What i love most about your brand is the ‘sustainability effort” showed in each design through materials that i can hardly find in this Saigon. Furthermore, each of the designs are surprisingly sophisticated and different, which aligns with my personal needs and taste for fashion items. 

One fashion item that you cannot live without on trips? 

I guess this depends on the purpose of the trip, whether it’s for vacation or business purpose. For vacation, i would prefer small to medium sized bags that can fit in daily essentials such as phones, purse, lipstick or battery..However, for business trip, i would love to buy medium to big bags. On the other side, they might differ in functions but all of them must be fashionable and beautiful, that’s my criteria in purchase for everything.  



What fashion accessories that you love most? What your mix-match style for these items with outfits?

Hats and sunglasses are my go-to IT-tems day by day. They are said to ease my image and make me more gentle, it’s unconventional and i just love it. I even have the hobby to collect hats from each of the countries i go to as it’s culturally diversified, which surely also explains for my liking towards this items. 

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