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 Leinné main label is a line of delightfully distinctive items, with complex sewing techniques, unique shapes and carefully-selected natural materials.

*A clothing collection from natural materials is coming soon.

Taking the inspiration from Mother Nature through a soft palette: the colour of the sand, the scent of blowing wind, those colours of the sky, of the green and ripe fruit, Leinné contemporary designs are blended with nostalgic sensation.

An endless inspiration of femininity


Summer paradise
Delice Classic_Between Seasons (4 of 7)

Délice Classic Hat is designed with a mysterious downturn brim that frames the face under the sunlight.
Minimal and elegant, a large decorative band wrapped around the hat gently drops down and softly flies in the wind.




With colors inspired by the harmony of nature



asolmh (2 of 17)

Smoke mint - the breath from the misty hills.

grey delice (2 of 2)

Gray - the transformation of waves into the shoreline when the daylight is dim with mist.

asolmh (1 of 17)
sea navy

Dark blue - the color of the night.

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Delice Classic_Between Seasons (3 of 7)

Délice Classic suits most face shapes.

Classic and elegance, Délice Classic also offers the comfort with its downturn brim, hiding you from direct sunlight and at the same time create a cinematic look.

Delice Classic_Between Seasons (6 of 7)


Black - the absolute contrast.


Delice Classic_Between Seasons (1 of 7)


"Paradise isn't a place. It's a feeling" - L.Boyer

Paradis Classic_Between Seasons (1 of 4)

Summer paradise

A recall from the French countryside in 18eme siècle (the 18th century) where Bergère hat is one of the statement pieces at that time,

Paradis is a flat-brimmed hat with a shallow crown and black ribbon.

Available with Classic (large brim) and Urban (smaller brim) versions.


Paradis Classic_Between Seasons (3 of 4)


is where we are together.

Paradis Classic_Between Seasons (2 of 4)

By using wheat braids, Paradis has a sharper and stiffer touch to create a durable form structure.

Paradis Classic_Between Seasons (4 of 4)


l'amant 1

" La mer, j'ai pensé. "

Non L_amant


There’s something charmingly mysterious about a face under brim.
In a scene from the movie L’amant (1992) where a little yet daring Jane March was on a ferry from Sa Dec back to Saigon, she put on a men's hat. Something as iconic as that hat would never be slipped away in your mind…

That cinematic image inspired our raffia L’amant Hat: Masculine crown shape combined with a broad brim and simple band that bring a charismatic feature to whoever’s faces underneath its brim.



Ambi_Between Seasons (2 of 2)

Ambi hat is made by raffia from crown to brim to create a raw and soft touch.

 Inspired by calm and bucolic ambiance of Normandy countryside, this hat can be worn two ways. The brim up can be curved up to have sun-kissed cheeks or can be worn as a mysterious downturn form.




We travel

not to escape life

but for life

not to escape us.

Ambi_Between Seasons (1 of 2)



Leonie web 1
Leonie web 2

Léonie portrays the magnificent architecture combination of nature and human and an inner will towards freedom.

Léonie takes us to Marseille - the beautiful city by the sea in the south of France. The vitality of this port city has helped Leinné shape the first imagination of Léonie: radiant and adventurous.

Chasing the Mediterranean breeze, the light channels its way in through the organic-transparent concrete structure of Mucem, rippling like the reflection of the sun on the wind-blown surface of the sea. 





Somer hat is created for the modern, sophisticated, undaunted women who always have a sense of possibility. She blithely embraces the sunshine and breeze that bring the taste of the sea, the summer.

somer web

The light at the Mucem in Marseille has inspired us in our creation, through its reflection of the sun on the surface of the sea

Somer hat conveys the Mucem’s significant characteristic. The delicate strap is well-designed for the light going through to slightly touch hair and in firm harmony with the visor rim. The hat is sustainably hand-crafted with biodegrade raffia which is high durability, lightweight and anti-humidity.














- Box of dream -

Clean lines, exotic textures and contemporary details, Leinné presents you a secret box filled with dreams.

Henriette Square 1

It took us a long time to create a collection of bags that are beautiful, made to last with meticulous lining technique, and most importantly, sustainable. The bags are made by hand in our 20-year-old atelier in Saigon, Vietnam, with raffia from Madagascar and upcycled linen - all natural, stylish and healthy for our planet, you can be proud holding a Leinné bag as an everyday-luxury.

Henriette Quote Inspo

This is the most dreamy creation and also the most versatile in the Touch Feel Sense collection. Henriette Square has removable strap that can be worn as a cross-body bag or as a clutch. Henriette Square is available in Mini and Classic size.


This page only features part of our collection, we invite you to come and discover more of our products and universe in store.




-Whimsical Finesse-

The bag which moves vividly everytime you walk is designed with the inspiration of the Mekong and reminiscence of this beautiful region.

inspiration 2
Quotes 2