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Introducing our style selection, To Be and To Own.

There are those who prefer to stand out, and those who commands attention in a subtle way. But why define ourselves with one definition when we live in this world of boundless possibility? We can be the free-spirited one day and the sleek boss the next.

Can we embrace all: The Lady, the Tomboy, the Bohemian, the Trendsetter, the Traditionalist? Because wearing different hats is a statement of amusement. Leinné means going with the flow and enjoying how you feel, no matter what character you choose to be for the day, more often, being the incredible woman means just being the best version of you.

“To be and to own”, a personal note in which we collect our experience on choosing acces

sories to deliver Leinné idea of authenticity and effortless beauty.
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“To be and to own”

Being feminine and beautiful as a lady is always the privilege of women. Whether at night parties or daily occasions, women easily attract others admiration and coddling to her very own power of femininity.
Leinné makes hats and bags filled with soulful femininity. They deliver our inspiration of the paintings, line art and childhood memories.
With the raffia qualifications of softness and combinations of varied materials, our designs can be feminine in shapes and versatile for both young and old. [Read more]

A trendsetter, who always stands out from the crowd, knows how to express her passion and sensitivity for fashion. She is not trendy, but has an eye for “it” items to make her look a trend.

With the aesthetic concept of contemporary architecture and formscape, Leinné creates the unique hats and bags, your “it” items, that highlights your adventurous day. The impressive accessories can make you a trendsetter.

[Read more]

One day when we feel like we need profound change in life, we want our hearts to be filled with freedom and our soul fluttering with the wind.

We want to step up to a challenge by slipping into a boyfriend jeans, a silhouette with a shirt borrowed from our dads; or a cool, menswear inspired twist for women. Tomboy style is so iconic and androgynous because we all carry that carefree boyish essence to some degree. [Read more]