Gate of Heaven – Bali

I traveled to Bali 10 years ago on an event and have been attracted by its beauty until now. Therefore, when I had a chance for a vacation, Ubud was my favourite choice simply because I wanted to return to Bali with completely fresh experience: to discover and feel the beauty of life with all my senses.    

Although I have been through 58 countries but that time my to-discover list only had Gate of Heaven - a place which belongs to Pura Lempuyang Luhur, particularly Pura Besakih (also known as the Mother Temple) - one of nine most sacred and oldest places in Bali. I fell in love with Heaven Gate right from the moment of searching it on the Internet. “How can it be so beautiful?” - I wondered and dreamed of taking “long-lasting” photographs in an early morning when the sunrise had just come out.  

Road to Heaven Gate

It took nearly 3 hours to drive from the center of Ubud to Lempuyang. With my travel experience, I knew that an enough-early-start could help me enjoy the sunrise with light sunshine. After managing the transport, I set the alarm at 4:00AM for the next day and when the sun still fell asleep, I woke up, made up and dressed up carefully to get ready for the journey. Being elegant and good-looking is not necessarily an ability but a skill of modern ladies.  


It started to rain. Clouds became gloomy and the sky was overcast. I was not impatient at all when the weather didn’t support me. Maybe, God gives us rainy days because he wants us to cherish sunny ones, and vice versa. Rain fell more heavily. I kept my sedateness. Legend has it that if you complain, you can never reach Mother Temple. It is a precious philosophy: travel to your goal with enjoyment instead of complaint.   


Rain was pouring in the transport station below the temple. From there, visitors were forced to change to a small pickup truck so that we could move to the entrance. The drive took about 15 minutes on a steep road, zigzag and fold corners. Clouds surrounded the car to signal that we finally reached the sacred place.

Magical moment

At the entrance, after a contribution of my own free will, I worn Sarong and was told some behaving rules such as “must not remove Sarong in the temple”. After climbing steep for 5 minutes, I reached the first temple in Pura Lempuyang Luhur and contemplated Heaven Gate.


The rain stopped gradually, clouds drifted across my eyes and through the magnificent splitting architecture. The Gate was carved delicately with religious meaning. Mists flowed slowly in the beautiful wonder. Rumors were definitely right - this is the sacred land where Earth, Heaven, Spirit and Reverence intersect each other. Being one of the first to reach the temple, especially on a rainy day, I did not have to line up too long to stand in the middle of the Heaven Gate and capture the moment with my camera. Typically, later visitors had to wait in line up to 1 hours. There’re always an unexpected gift in life for those who preserve and maintain their calmness.


A gift from nature and life

Heaven Gate is a wonderful treasure of Bali. Human even says that if you have not been there yet, you did not travel to Bali at all - such a clever compliment. In my opinion, however, as long as you carry along love, inspiration, courage and all senses in the luggage, anywhere in your journey is significant and beautiful!

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Leaving Heaven Gate, Ubud center welcomed me with warm sunshine. How can I not feel thankful and appreciate for what I have had and experienced up to now? Dancing my own specialty, Consisting in the chosen path and Growing more after each journey: They’re what make up my positivity today.