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Leinné woman on her daily voyage.

Hand-crafted by our 20-year-old atelier in Saigon, Vietnam, with sustainable materials, every Leinné product is a non-duplicated creation - a lively image like Leinné women. A Leinné woman presents her ideas and thoughts, works with full of energy and always ready for her spontaneous trips, she is lively, intuitive and elegant.

Naturally beautiful, she listens to her own instincts. Her leisure & inné. Don’t forget to hashtag #leinnémoment while wearing our hand-crafted creations. And #leinnéwoman if you want to be featured in our next photoshoot and blog post!

Helly - Audrey

Helly Tống - Audrey hat

Taking inspiration from natural patterns, Audrey Hat brings the feeling of beach waves within drifting banks of cloud. Each neutral-toned fiber is manually knitted together to give this hat a simple look, yet classical elegance. The bow plait which ties around Audrey just like a flying kite between sky and sea added on a soft embellishment to complete this hat.

Thuy Nhan - Lune

Lâm Thuý Nhàn - Lune hat

Inspired by curves and minimalism, Lune Hat features curvy lines rolling around its brim and crown, decorated with an elegant tie and single-coloured band which are skillfully handcrafted. The cherry red ribbon, red wine, blue and yellow ribbons of the sun.


Nicky Khánh Ngọc - Bella

As lovely as the name of the raffia hat and its creator, Bella Hat’s look and design is heavily inspired by the aged yet alluring beauty of the “années folles”- crazy time during the 20’s: A bell-shaped brim that covers the wearer’s head along with a soft velvet band attached around it, and last but not least, a tiny bow placed in between the hat.


Kitty - mini Clément

Sweet orange belt Clément mini version is the lovely weekend of Ha Linh.
Kitty (Ha Linh) looks so sweet in our mini Clément orange ribbon detail.
Xuan Thao

Xuân Thảo - Flamen Hat

Lan Anh

Lan Anh - Lune hat


Thùy Dung - L'amant

There’s something charmingly mysterious about a face under brim.
In a scene from the movie L’amant (1992) where a little yet daring Jane March was on a ferry from Sa Dec back to Saigon, she put on a men's hat. Something as iconic as that hat would never be slipped away in your mind…
That cinematic image inspired our raffia L’amant Hat – one of the products in our A Natural Living collection from the line AUP Natural: masculine crown shape combined with a broad brim and simple band that bring a charismatic feature to whoever’s faces underneath its brim.

Helly L'amant

Helly Tống - L'amant hat & Habi bag

L'amant hat and Habi backpack is a lovely combination for the weekend around the city. L'amant Classic hat with a slim brim, simple but still full of elegance. The minimalist design - raffia covered the entire body of the bag, added a black cloth detailing, the Habi backpack is extremely convenient so Leinné women could carry all their essentials.

Nicky Tara

Nicky Khánh Ngọc- mini Tara bag

Convenient, lightweight as a letter, the new Mini Tara bag with ton-sur-ton strap with raffia on the body of the bag, creates a harmonious outfit.

Mimi Lune

Mimi - Lune hat & super mini Tara

kl - lune

Kiều Linh - Lune hat

phuong vu - lune

Phượng Vũ - Lune hat

ttt- cresco

Thanh Trúc Trương - Cresco hat


Thanh Trúc Trương - L'amant hat

td- cresco

Thuỳ Dương - Cresco & Bella


Little girl - Bonita hat

Huong bella

Hương Đinh - Bella hat

chi lune

Chi Lemon - Lune hat

pn le touquet

Phương Nghi - Le Touquet hat


Kiều Linh - Flamen hat


Nicky Khánh Ngọc - mini Tara


Helly Tống - L'amant hat


Mimi - mini Tara


Kim Nhã - Bella hat

Ms Kim Nha has combined Leinné's best-seller Bella hat and Habi backpack in Aup Natural line by Leinné's when visiting Korea.


Châu Anh - Délice Classic hat

Ms. Chau Anh looks charming under the sun with Délice Classic hat with a black belt detailoption in Leinné's new gold label collection.


SoYoung collection - Cresco hat

The raffia Cresco hat, one of the best-sellers in Aup Natural line by Leinné chosen by stylist on So Young's show, is a pride of Leinné, a harmonious blend of natural materials and modern fashion trend.


Hà Trúc - Délice Classic hat

The Délice Classic black belt in Leinné's new gold label collection follows Ms. Ha Truc around Saigon.


Kim Nhã - Deauville hat

Raffia Deauville is meticulously weaved to create spiral-shaped form, one of the most impressive of the Aup Natural by Leinné line. Ms. Kim Nha chose this hat on a sunny afternoon when visiting Leinné.


SoYoung collection - Cresco hat

Whether it's travelling to new places or reading a book in little coffee shop, Lune hats are always the choice of Leinné girls.


Ashley Van - L'amant hat

The L'amant hat of Aup Natural by Leinné is familiar with the black belt, but the brown belt is Ms.Ashley's choice. It seems difficult to mix and match but brings youthfulness to the look.


Kate Nguyễn - Flamen hat

The raffia Flamen hat with a medium-sized rim is always one of the Aup Natural by Leinné best-sellers because of its comfort and elegance.


Hằng Hồ - Délice Classic hat

The Délice Classic black belt in Leinné's new gold label collection has become one of the best-selling products. Under the hat, Ms. Hang Ho has a mysteriou and elegant look, also protected from the bright sun.


Văn Mai Hương - Lutetia hat

Fedora Lutetia with white belt, one of the best-sellers in Aup Natural line by Leinné, is Ms. Van Mai Huong's fellow travelerduring her trip to Taiwan.


Kate Nguyễn - Lune hat

It is undeniable fact that Lune is the signature hat and also the best seller of the Aup Natural by Leinné when it continually attracts a lot of Leinné women. Ms. Kate Nguyen choose Luneto be a fellow traveller during her trip.


Trisha Đỗ - Ambi hat

Trisha Do looks simple but eye-catching in raffia Ambi. It’s in Leinné's new gold label collection and available at Leinné store.


Châu Anh - Ambi hat

Raffia Ambi with ribbon detail in the same color give Ms. Chau Anh a poetic and classic look.


Chi Lemon - Paradis hat

Paradis - the most eye-catching hat, not just for wearing, Paradis gives us the feeling of owning a work of art.


Hà Trúc - Délice Classic hat

Ms. Ha Truc with a bright smile hidden under Délice Classic black belt in Leinné's new gold label.


Thuỳ Linh - Lune hat

Appearing all over again in #Leinnémoment, Lune is the hat that any girl should have in her wardrobe.


Annie Nguyễn - Lune hat

Ruffia Lune hat with bordeaux ribbon option and Annie enjoy the sea breeze and Maldives’s sunshine.


Mael - Lutetia Urban

Dynamic and casually chic, Lutetia Urban is a raffia hat from our line Aup Natural by Leinné.#forhimandforher


Mimi - Le Touquet hat

Belong to Aup by Leinné line, Le Touquet is a combination of the most basic colors: black and white, giving a simple yet elegant feel.


Thuỷ Hồ - L'amant hat x Ama bag

The lavish L'amant hat comes with an orange Ama bag that gives a cheerful spirit and active energy.


Ngọc Lê - Délice Classic

Ms. Ngoc Le has captured the trip to Phu Quoc with the simple, light and delicate hats of Leinné. This is Délice Classic in black belt from Leinné's gold label line.


Ngọc Lê - Lune hat

Ms Ngoc Le looks so elegant when combined raffia Lune hat with a white dress.


Annie Nguyễn - Lune hat

Smoke Mint brings freshness to Lune- the best-seller of Aup Natural by Leinné.


Hương Hoàng - Lutetia hat

The navy belt features raffia-natural color, Lutetia hat is chosen by Ms. Huong Hoang.


Thư Vũ - Mila bag

With Smoke Mint version, Leinné wants to bring a new breath to Aup by Leinné.

Mila is the ideal bag for casual walks.


Thuỵ An - Délice Classic hat

In the ancient vibe of the museum, Leinné's Délice Classic hat appears as a distinctive feminine touch to a classic, elegant look.


Yuki - Lutetia hat

Ms. Yuki, with her iconic curly hair in Leinné's raffia Lutetia hat, has proven this form of hat can look great in everyone.


Lan Chi - Bella hat

Raffia Bella has always been one of the best-sellers since the very first days of Leinné because of its femininity and subtlety.


Nga Phan - Bella hat

Ms.Nga Phan travelled the paradise island Mykonos (Greece) with simple and subtle Bella hat of Aup Natural by Leinné.


Kim Nhã - Bella hat

Raffia Bella's hat in grey gives Ms. Kim Nhã a lovely look when she stopped to read books at a cafe shop.


Mai Hồ - Délice Classic hat

Leinné's Délice Classic in black belt is Ms. Nai Ho’ s choice when she was enjoying Leinné's space.


Annie Nguyễn - Simone bag x Lune hat

You can call the combination of Lune hat and Simone bag is a perfect combo for an a promenade. Leinné is delighted that meticulously crafted and refined, natural raffia products are your companion in every trip.


Vy Đặng - Deauville hat

This is a very lovely moment of Ms. Vy Dang and her Deauville hat. Deauville often makes people think of beach walk but can also be appropriate with dynamic outdoor activities.


Kim Nhã - Le Touquet hat

Le Touquet is certainly one of the best-sellers of Aup by Leinné that people keep asking for them. 


Giáng Sinh - Lune hat

Ms. Giang Sinh shared that she rarely wears hats but Lune is the first one that successfully changed her mind.


Yumiko - L'amant hat

Ms. Yumiko chose a subtle, elegant L'amant hat with beige detail and spent a cheerful evening with her daughter at Leinné Apartment.


Nancy Lê - Délice Classic hat

Leinné's Délice Classic hat has become a new bestseller. Under the hat, Ms. Nancy look mysteriously yet elegant, subtle and graceful.


Mi - Saint Tropez hat

In terms of Aup by Leinné, Saint Tropez is one of the designs that is always loved.


Yến Nhi - Flamen hat

Raffia Flamen with medium-sized trim is always one of the best sellers of Aup Natural by Leinné. Ms. Yen Nhi chose Flamen as fellow traveller on her Bangkok trip.

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