1/ Buzz fading away - Family reunion

After all the bustle and hustle movements of 2018, sometimes all you wish is spotting a location in the heart of Saigon and spending a late evening eating. Having some traditional Vietnamese food together, enjoying a cozy yet gentle calm ambiance, sharing delightful things of the day.

Cuc Gach Restaurant: 10 Dang Nhu Str, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1
Cuc gach

2/ Dusty Rose - Seasonal Color

Infusing this paint swatch with averaging a light grayish purplish red in Leinné hats, bags and accessories. Dusty rose is our new seasonal color for early months. Gentle calm tone yet stable form of paper braids material creates a harmonious touch.

Which one would you love to wear on your day?


3/ For A Daydreamer

Lune hat is always our special item since it is received a lot of love from Leinné ‘s customers. Elegant tie with different color band variations.

Leinné birthday is coming, we give you a chance to get this much loving hat from us. By leaving us a sincere birthday wish and follow our instruction on this Facebook post, you are on the list of lucky people to win this game.

1. [Leinne New Arrivals] Lune Hat

4/ Happy 1st, Leinné

Only 4 days left until our store anniversary private event and we are so excited seeing you there.  Have you received our invitation yet? Check your mailbox and respond to us right away ‘cause this private event is only for a limited number of people. Many surprises and new things are waiting for you to indulge.

Sneak peak: There is going to be an artistic, spiritual and 1-time-only store decoration with the concept “Touch, Feel, Sense" especially for you to enjoy this celebration.

If you want to join us on this event, click here to register 

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 13.14.32

5/ An artistic breath is upcoming!  


Touch: The narrative of threads, lines, and seams leads you to a place that feels like sunshine.

Feel: The feeling of our designs is from a good working environment, where physical, emotional and spiritual experience is cared for.

Sense: Sense - an inner intuition, bear the spirit of an adventurer and woman, who explores the world with fresh eyes and open heart.

Having the ambition to deliver this aesthetic for our customer in the most fulfilled presentation, “Touch, Feel, Sense" concept is brought to life with artwork by Vietnamese artist Ly Binh Son under the idea of Leinné art director - our founder Hai Minh

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