1/ New Spring, New Delight

It is important to strike the right balance with accessorizing on both functions as well as fashion level. ANJA clutch is made from raffia and linen. A standard clutch purse holds some basic necessary items, including a driver's license, credit cards, cash, and perhaps a cell phone. Women typically hold their clutch purses in their hands, but several colors come with a strap that wearers can remove when not in use, allowing the wearer to sling the purse over a shoulder or slip it onto a wrist.

How to own it: Get your order via phone number (090097 773 83 80) or social media (Facebook messenger and Instagram)

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2/ A spring flower day


Every season has signature flowers,  every woman has/represents for her own favorite flower ‘s name, scent, color

Standing for new beginnings, Spring flowers are perfect sense as they are often the first flowers to bloom in the spring. “Spring flowers are not only beautiful, they are invested with a ton of mythological and culturally symbolic importance. You aren’t just giving a gift of flowers with a bouquet, you are sending a powerful messages and memories.”  (fengshuidana.com  2012)


3/ Stay tuned for Leinné day

Our invitations are now in ! They will be sent in a next few days. 

Every invitee will have a goody bag with special items chosen by Leinné.

Goody bag brings the tropical tastes, the harmony breath of Saigon - France to you along with Leinné’s thankfulness.

More things coming up this week. Keep track on us.

extrascence (1 of 2)-2

4/ But first, coffee !

Whenever you want to build up or reboot your energy, make a cup of chocolate or coffee and have it with some snacks. The delightful savor and scent come out help you relax your body and mind.


5/ Q&A: Our lovely craftsman - Ms.Kieu

Co Kieu

1. How many new years have you celebrated with Leinné Atelier? 

It has been 8 years and turning 9 this time.

2. Why did you choose to be a craftsman ?

Like everyone else, I need to go to work to earn a living.

I also found joy in work, my favorite feeling is when I accidentally encountered someone who is using a product (probably a hat or bag) branded Leinné. Those are what I put a lot of effort and enthusiasm to create it.

3. What is your most favorite thing in Leinné Atelier ?

It is the working environment in which consciousness is laid out first with each individual. The staff is friendly, cheerful and above all our proprietor is a mindful and caring person.

4. What is your most memorable moment in Leinné Atelier ?

The 8 year period has a lot of memories, however, the most memorable is probably the little party or year-end party.

Everyone sit comfortably together, have fun and makes me feel as her second family. 

5. What do you wish for the new year ?

I hope everyone in the atelier to try to create more beautiful products with high-quality for the consumer. Wish  Aup and Leinné to grow and gain more success.

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