1. Travel Essential

The beginning of New year is the time for travelling as a reward for your last hard-working year.

Have you planned to jet off on a new adventure soon? Fuel your wanderlust with one of these passport holders. They'll help protect your passport from wear and tear while adding some personality to your next trip.


2. Leinné Birthday

Dear our customers, save the dates for Leinné January in your calendar. Our team will contact to welcomely invited to this anniversary event. Annotated down and stay tuned for our invitation to you.


3. Ringing a great start of 2018 with Leinné

First 5 people comes to the store from tomorrow (9th January) will gain a special gift from Leinné which is a Kar billfold.


4. Indulge your Spring vitamin

If you have been tired of the traffic jam in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An and the surrounding countryside like nearby are ideal to get away in Spring. The weather is also chilly indeed in this season. This small town, with ancient heritage, historical architecture, poetic sightseeing along with walkable streets filled with shop and food, always welcome visitors with a warm embrace.


5. Where Our Heart Embraces


     Thank you for accompanying with us throughout the year.  

  • Thank you all Leinné Staff for being friends, partners, supporters, together going through all ups and downs of the 2017 journey.
  • Thank you Leinné Women for being a part of our universe, for spreading out visually and spiritually our aesthetic.
  • Thank you Leinné Customers for believing, accompanying with Leinné hats and bags in your travel journey.
  • Thank you Leinné Atelier for being the place where the dream comes surreal, where brings all people together.
  • Thank you Leinné Apartment for being the settle where fulfilled by all of precious moments of Leinné customers

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