1/ Reunion !

Tet marks the new beginning of Spring as well as in Lunar Calendar. Tet is the most grandest holiday in Vietnam that we celebrate with cheerful spirits, amusement and traditional food. But on top of that, Tet is the time to come home, to spend time with family and friends.


2/ Leinné Prosper Tree

To fulfill the new year of our customers with good fortune and positive energy. In February, with every purchase at #ApartmentLeinné you can pick one lucky envelope from Prosper Tree, inside there is a surprise gift from us.

Cây Tài Lộc (Prosper Tree)

3/ How many days left until Tet ?

Don’t forget to check our Countdown Calendar for Tet Holiday out everyday! 

There are 10 days left which means 10 secret surprises are waiting for you to discover.

Remind Tet countdown

4/ Get away for Tet celebration

Tet is also an opportunity for families to travel outward, to other places in the country and beyond, giving the festival a completely different flavour. Explore the western south of Vietnam, Cai Be - the floating fruit market.

Vietnamese floating fruit market

5/ Q&A: Our dynamic Marketing Executive - Ms. Thảo

chi Thaoo

1. Are you coming to your hometown or enjoy Tet holiday in Saigon?

I am going to spend these days traveling to my hometown as well as visiting my relatives.

2.Who are you usually stay with?

My families

3.What is the greatest thing you love about Tet holiday?

The cool weather, the reunion feelings and all the good wishes we give for each other sincerely.

4. Has you had any plans to do, a place to go?  

Yes, together, we will explore the Northern of Vietnam, visiting grandparents’ relatives and enjoy the reunion space around Banh Chung pot on New Year ‘s Eve.

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