1/ "Touch, Feel, Sense" event

Last Friday “Touch, Feel, Sense" event was taken place in our warm Leinné Apartment. We are grateful for all of your presence at the event and touched by those good wishes and gifts. We hope that you had a joyful night at Leinné and our art installation. 

Those moments are remarkable to Leinné team and give us motivation for more upcoming events. 

Thank you !


2/ Together, we did it!

A huge appreciation Leinné team and supporters for all the hard-working effort and can't wait to bring better experiences for our customers, to send positive energy and to bring the aesthetic of “Touch, Feel, Sense" into life under different transformations.


3/ Kids' corner

Discover the kid ‘s version of Fedora Clément and Bonita hats with different ribbons representing joyful moments when playing on a countryside’s field.


4/ A tropical touch

Featuring a fringed raffia exterior with fully lined, the visual appeal of bucket Simone endures inspiring the airy, tropical as well as endlessly fresh feel.


5/ Veni. Vidi. Amavi.

" We came. We saw. We loved."

We came and be ready to discover a whole new different world of preserved tradition.

Then, we saw the living art from our perspectives and senses.

And, we loved a place when it unlocked the inner ventures in our hearts and brought experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives.



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