1/ Equidem - Initial Edition

Equidem Ini

With hand-embroidered details based on a hand-drawn design of Leinné Art Director Hai Minh, Equidem set is designed for the need of unique, meaningful small bags of holiday getaway. For those of you heading out of the city for a few days, Equidem Mini would probably be enough to store your beauty essentials. If you need something bigger for a lengthier trip or bigger junkies, we’ve got Equidem Classic to keep them organized and easily accessible. Equidem now comes in with a new edition with your initial on. Just come to our store and choose the letters.

This is also our reward for the best photo of #LeinnéHolidays contest.

Don't forget to join and celebrate a warm holiday with us !


2/ The Leisure Pair:

A touch of rusticity with a hint of sophistication, Classic Solito along with Flamen hat is definitely a combination that fulfills your day.

This set is now available in-store with generous pricing until Sunday (17/12)

* Offer valid while stocks last


3/ New Year's Little Helper

Free gift wrapping with hand-written notes till 9/1 for you and your beloved. If you would like to surprise your ones, leave us a wish and we will help you.


4/ Inside Leinné atelier

Over the past 20 years, Vietnamese craftsmanship has always been our core value.”

Every single product is tailored by personal experiences of our craftsman. Once you’ve taken the tour through Leinné atelier, you’ll then realize how much dedication that the craftsman has to spend on each product.

12_2017atelier (25 of 25)

5/ Holiday reading pleasure

Whether you turn pages, tap a tablet, or listen to audio, a good book can be a perfect relaxation aid, tutor, or source of inspiration.

What’s better than spending some me time with a book and a cup of coffee? Our founder- Ms. Hai Minh has picked her choices for this festive season.

Afterwards (Guillaume Musso):

An intriguing love story from the beginning, a journey of ultimate mystery discovery that makes the reader suffocate but can not subdue the desire to come up with next pages. The novel gives birth to the "Musso style" with a mix of gentle and violent emotion, addressing the central question: why do we exist?

True Love (Thich Nhat Hanh)

A little treasure where lovingkindness, compassion, joy, and freedom toghether explain the nature of real love. We then realize, in order to love in a real way, we must first learn how to be fully present in our lives.

Memoirs of a dutiful daughter (Simone de Beauvoir)

This is a stimulating story of the birth of an existentialist and the coming of age of an extraordinary young woman. The reader is not only be charmed with this book because of its clear prose but its warmth and flashes of humour also.

How to be a Parisian wherever you are ?

“In short, you're not a slave to the cult of the perfect body—so learn to make the best of what nature gave you.” A fresh and spirited take on what it really means to be a Parisienne: how they dress, entertain, have fun and attempt to behave themselves- this is also the whole idea of the book.

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