The beautiful days are here.

Walking on bare feet, indulging the transformation of the atmosphere, we dream about freedom and the sensuous waves gently kissing the beach and lapping on the sand. We gaze up at the crystal clear blue skies to see new colours and dream about new horizons.

A Leinné piece is about emotions.

We encourage the true dreamers and capture their dreams to transcribe them in Leinné designs, the process of making as well as in-store atmosphere.

See you this weekend at Leinné Apartment for more beautiful pieces of Crystal Blue. Come dream with us!


Crystal Blue 1.1

Crystal blue: a colour of the sky in summer days, a colour that inspires dreams, calmness and tranquility.

Crystal Blue 3

leinné (noun): an innate wanderlust

Origin: "leisure" & "inné" | 2nd floor, 38 Le Loi, Dis. 1 (Open: 10am – 8:30pm)

Instagram: @leinne.brand

Enquiries: 0977738380 |

Jackie Kennedy - The woman who inspired the world with dreams and courage.

Her style, sensibility and love are a source of timeless inspiration.

Crystal Blue 2

Inspired by curves and minimalism, Lune Hat features curvy lines rolling around its brim and crown, decorated with an elegant tie and Crystal blue band which are skillfully handcrafted.

Crystal Blue 4

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