1/ Reunion !

Tet marks the new beginning of Spring as well as in Lunar Calendar. Tet is the most grandest holiday in Vietnam that we celebrate with cheerful spirits, amusement and traditional food. But on top of that, Tet is the time to come home, to spend time with family and friends.


2/ Leinné Prosper Tree

To fulfill the new year of our customers with good fortune and positive energy. In February, with every purchase at #ApartmentLeinné you can pick one lucky envelope from Prosper Tree, inside there is a surprise gift from us.

Cây Tài Lộc (Prosper Tree)

3/ How many days left until Tet ?

Don’t forget to check our Countdown Calendar for Tet Holiday out everyday! 

There are 10 days left which means 10 secret surprises are waiting for you to discover.

Remind Tet countdown

4/ Get away for Tet celebration

Tet is also an opportunity for families to travel outward, to other places in the country and beyond, giving the festival a completely different flavour. Explore the western south of Vietnam, Cai Be - the floating fruit market.

Vietnamese floating fruit market

5/ Q&A: Our dynamic Marketing Executive - Ms. Thảo

chi Thaoo

1. Are you coming to your hometown or enjoy Tet holiday in Saigon?

I am going to spend these days traveling to my hometown as well as visiting my relatives.

2.Who are you usually stay with?

My families

3.What is the greatest thing you love about Tet holiday?

The cool weather, the reunion feelings and all the good wishes we give for each other sincerely.

4. Has you had any plans to do, a place to go?  

Yes, together, we will explore the Northern of Vietnam, visiting grandparents’ relatives and enjoy the reunion space around Banh Chung pot on New Year ‘s Eve.

1/ "Touch, Feel, Sense" event

Last Friday “Touch, Feel, Sense" event was taken place in our warm Leinné Apartment. We are grateful for all of your presence at the event and touched by those good wishes and gifts. We hope that you had a joyful night at Leinné and our art installation. 

Those moments are remarkable to Leinné team and give us motivation for more upcoming events. 

Thank you !


2/ Together, we did it!

A huge appreciation Leinné team and supporters for all the hard-working effort and can't wait to bring better experiences for our customers, to send positive energy and to bring the aesthetic of “Touch, Feel, Sense" into life under different transformations.


3/ Kids' corner

Discover the kid ‘s version of Fedora Clément and Bonita hats with different ribbons representing joyful moments when playing on a countryside’s field.


4/ A tropical touch

Featuring a fringed raffia exterior with fully lined, the visual appeal of bucket Simone endures inspiring the airy, tropical as well as endlessly fresh feel.


5/ Veni. Vidi. Amavi.

" We came. We saw. We loved."

We came and be ready to discover a whole new different world of preserved tradition.

Then, we saw the living art from our perspectives and senses.

And, we loved a place when it unlocked the inner ventures in our hearts and brought experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives.



1/ Buzz fading away - Family reunion

After all the bustle and hustle movements of 2018, sometimes all you wish is spotting a location in the heart of Saigon and spending a late evening eating. Having some traditional Vietnamese food together, enjoying a cozy yet gentle calm ambiance, sharing delightful things of the day.

Cuc Gach Restaurant: 10 Dang Nhu Str, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1
Cuc gach

2/ Dusty Rose - Seasonal Color

Infusing this paint swatch with averaging a light grayish purplish red in Leinné hats, bags and accessories. Dusty rose is our new seasonal color for early months. Gentle calm tone yet stable form of paper braids material creates a harmonious touch.

Which one would you love to wear on your day?


3/ For A Daydreamer

Lune hat is always our special item since it is received a lot of love from Leinné ‘s customers. Elegant tie with different color band variations.

Leinné birthday is coming, we give you a chance to get this much loving hat from us. By leaving us a sincere birthday wish and follow our instruction on this Facebook post, you are on the list of lucky people to win this game.

1. [Leinne New Arrivals] Lune Hat

4/ Happy 1st, Leinné

Only 4 days left until our store anniversary private event and we are so excited seeing you there.  Have you received our invitation yet? Check your mailbox and respond to us right away ‘cause this private event is only for a limited number of people. Many surprises and new things are waiting for you to indulge.

Sneak peak: There is going to be an artistic, spiritual and 1-time-only store decoration with the concept “Touch, Feel, Sense" especially for you to enjoy this celebration.

If you want to join us on this event, click here to register 

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 13.14.32

5/ An artistic breath is upcoming!  


Touch: The narrative of threads, lines, and seams leads you to a place that feels like sunshine.

Feel: The feeling of our designs is from a good working environment, where physical, emotional and spiritual experience is cared for.

Sense: Sense - an inner intuition, bear the spirit of an adventurer and woman, who explores the world with fresh eyes and open heart.

Having the ambition to deliver this aesthetic for our customer in the most fulfilled presentation, “Touch, Feel, Sense" concept is brought to life with artwork by Vietnamese artist Ly Binh Son under the idea of Leinné art director - our founder Hai Minh

1/ New Spring, New Delight

It is important to strike the right balance with accessorizing on both functions as well as fashion level. ANJA clutch is made from raffia and linen. A standard clutch purse holds some basic necessary items, including a driver's license, credit cards, cash, and perhaps a cell phone. Women typically hold their clutch purses in their hands, but several colors come with a strap that wearers can remove when not in use, allowing the wearer to sling the purse over a shoulder or slip it onto a wrist.

How to own it: Get your order via phone number (090097 773 83 80) or social media (Facebook messenger and Instagram)

IMG_0140 (1)

2/ A spring flower day


Every season has signature flowers,  every woman has/represents for her own favorite flower ‘s name, scent, color

Standing for new beginnings, Spring flowers are perfect sense as they are often the first flowers to bloom in the spring. “Spring flowers are not only beautiful, they are invested with a ton of mythological and culturally symbolic importance. You aren’t just giving a gift of flowers with a bouquet, you are sending a powerful messages and memories.”  (fengshuidana.com  2012)


3/ Stay tuned for Leinné day

Our invitations are now in ! They will be sent in a next few days. 

Every invitee will have a goody bag with special items chosen by Leinné.

Goody bag brings the tropical tastes, the harmony breath of Saigon - France to you along with Leinné’s thankfulness.

More things coming up this week. Keep track on us.

extrascence (1 of 2)-2

4/ But first, coffee !

Whenever you want to build up or reboot your energy, make a cup of chocolate or coffee and have it with some snacks. The delightful savor and scent come out help you relax your body and mind.


5/ Q&A: Our lovely craftsman - Ms.Kieu

Co Kieu

1. How many new years have you celebrated with Leinné Atelier? 

It has been 8 years and turning 9 this time.

2. Why did you choose to be a craftsman ?

Like everyone else, I need to go to work to earn a living.

I also found joy in work, my favorite feeling is when I accidentally encountered someone who is using a product (probably a hat or bag) branded Leinné. Those are what I put a lot of effort and enthusiasm to create it.

3. What is your most favorite thing in Leinné Atelier ?

It is the working environment in which consciousness is laid out first with each individual. The staff is friendly, cheerful and above all our proprietor is a mindful and caring person.

4. What is your most memorable moment in Leinné Atelier ?

The 8 year period has a lot of memories, however, the most memorable is probably the little party or year-end party.

Everyone sit comfortably together, have fun and makes me feel as her second family. 

5. What do you wish for the new year ?

I hope everyone in the atelier to try to create more beautiful products with high-quality for the consumer. Wish  Aup and Leinné to grow and gain more success.

1. Travel Essential

The beginning of New year is the time for travelling as a reward for your last hard-working year.

Have you planned to jet off on a new adventure soon? Fuel your wanderlust with one of these passport holders. They'll help protect your passport from wear and tear while adding some personality to your next trip.


2. Leinné Birthday

Dear our customers, save the dates for Leinné January in your calendar. Our team will contact to welcomely invited to this anniversary event. Annotated down and stay tuned for our invitation to you.


3. Ringing a great start of 2018 with Leinné

First 5 people comes to the store from tomorrow (9th January) will gain a special gift from Leinné which is a Kar billfold.


4. Indulge your Spring vitamin

If you have been tired of the traffic jam in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An and the surrounding countryside like nearby are ideal to get away in Spring. The weather is also chilly indeed in this season. This small town, with ancient heritage, historical architecture, poetic sightseeing along with walkable streets filled with shop and food, always welcome visitors with a warm embrace.


5. Where Our Heart Embraces


     Thank you for accompanying with us throughout the year.  

  • Thank you all Leinné Staff for being friends, partners, supporters, together going through all ups and downs of the 2017 journey.
  • Thank you Leinné Women for being a part of our universe, for spreading out visually and spiritually our aesthetic.
  • Thank you Leinné Customers for believing, accompanying with Leinné hats and bags in your travel journey.
  • Thank you Leinné Atelier for being the place where the dream comes surreal, where brings all people together.
  • Thank you Leinné Apartment for being the settle where fulfilled by all of precious moments of Leinné customers