Leinné believes that there is always an invisible connection between Mother and child, which becomes more special in the relationship between Mother and daughter. From the way they love and feel the life to the interconnection of thoughts, the intuition for each other, the inner senses cannot be expressed in words.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, let together with Leinné send the most sincere love to your wonderful woman, not with great gifts or gestures, but very personal, gentle but profound expression: a touch, an embrace or words.



Mom is the first friend of every girl. Girl and Mom can share many things, from familiar items to private stories. Daisy hat, thanks to its elegant look, is a design that suitable for all ages, which is an item that both mother and daughter can love and share.


The bond between Mother and child is eternal. The Berlodge bag with its classic form has a minimalist style that lives forever with time, is a design with details that ensure durability from material, shape, seam, leather belt and decorative details.

Leinné Maintenance Service can keep your gift alives with time.


Mother and daughter always have similarities though very small, from appearance, personality, to how to feel and pick a style. Henriette bag with two versions Classic and Mini can create a deep bond between Mother and girl when they choose similar accessories for different occasions, as a way to engrave memories about each other.


There are plenty of ways to send loving words to your Mother. At Leinné, you can choose to express your heart through the Words of love Collection, including 12 words associated with 12 special meanings.

Discover Words of love collection at


Let your gift bring a special mark that only two of you know, which can be a special milestone, a personal moment through Leinné Initials service. We offer signature hand-embroidery of your initials.

One day when we feel like we need profound change in life, we want our hearts to be filled with freedom and our soul fluttering with the wind.

We want to step up to a challenge by slipping into a boyfriend jeans, a silhouette with a shirt borrowed from our dads; or a cool, menswear inspired twist for women. Tomboy style is so iconic and androgynous because we all carry that carefree boyish essence to some degree.

There is no rules for the tomboy. We can be free. We can be creative. Since the tomboy started with the revolution of freedom and creativity: Coco Chanel and masculine breakthroughs inspired by her man; or Yves Saint Laurent and Le Smoking suits having empowered women all over the world.

Putting aside the innate femininity, we let the masculine traits talk, presenting by the look of clean lines, a bold but simple pattern and minimalism.

With the durability of natural raffia, Leinné’s designers have created a variety of stylish bags and hats for the Tomboy.

1. Lutetia

Lutetia was inspired by the image of ancient rooftops that creates the beauty of Paris.

The modern minimal strap, narrow brim and the folds on the hat creates the strong and clean look. Without any other accessories, the tomboy style is more iconic and impressive just by tilting the hat. The minimalism and stylishness can be both performed when you style your own way.

2. Habi Jumbo

A desire to own a lovely yet not sporty, casual bag, Leinné designed Habi bag which is elegant and invigorating.
With highlighted cloth strap line in colors inspired by nature, which creates a light breakthrough.
Habi jumbo is not only the accessory but also the multitasking backpack for your all day long which fits 13 inch laptop and other essentials. All the things you need for a dynamic working day out of the office.

3. Henriette

At Leinné we believe in the magic of the moments that inspire us to achieve our inner sense. 
That was how the idea of Henriette Square came to Leinné. A box bag full of magical wonders that reminds us: every great dream begins with a dreamer.
Angular lines and precisely handwoven lines would catch your eye once you love clean and minimal details.
Henriette not only expresses minimalism in design, but also in lifestyle applications. Your essentials are all in one bag. Henriette is capacious for a phone, a headset and even a backup battery charger.

4. L’amant

The cinematic image of Jane March in the movie L’amant (1992) has inspired our Raffia L’amant hat. Masculine crown shape combined with a flat brim and simple band that brings charisma to the face beneath its brim.
L’amant is both masculine and feminine with flat brim and top matching the delicate strap. It is a totally innovative design but still brings cinematic inspiration.

L’amant can be mixed with a pair of trousers or a monochrome pleated skirt that still gives a strong, clean look.

5. Cresco

We take inspiration of the half moon to create Cresco with the curve brim.The hat is decorated simply with a large band which is unique and sophisticated comparing to ordinary visor hat line; suits outdoor formal and informal events.

The simplicity of the hat comes from the plain look without many details. There is all about playing with materials and techniques: the raffia and the cotton fabrics which are carefully selected , the cutting and sewing lines which are thoughtful made.

Cresco reminds us of a strong woman with a tied back hair and comfortable outfits. She is beautiful her way and full of energy.   

A trendsetter, who always stands out from the crowd, knows how to express her passion and sensitivity for fashion. She is not trendy, but has an eye for “it” items to make her look a trend.

With the aesthetic concept of contemporary architecture and formscape, Leinné creates the unique hats and bags, your “it” items, that highlights your adventurous day. The impressive accessories can make you a trendsetter.


A radiant design with the visor brim and the delicate strap appeal unique Mucem architecture.

Somer represents the modern women’s personality: bold and adventurous. 

Bold beauty of classic visor brim and contemporary designs combination.

Adventurous lifestyle from versatile wearing: to the sea, tennis or golf.

Somer can be mixed the long dress or even sportswear. As a trendsetter, she is willing to go beyond the limit in fashion.


Léonie – the design that brings the free-spirited breeze of Marseille port city to the handmade vibrant strap.

Thanks to the basic brim shape and the distinctive strap, Léonie can be casual and spontaneous, when mixing with any neutral outfits or play around with the colors of your taste. Léonie always make your look trendy and unique.


With semicircular shape, Marjolie is the novelty of Leinné bag collection.

The rustic raffia can be shaped subtly and impressively in Marjolie. The raffia pattern highlights  the beauty of the curve, of the gap forming the bag handles.

Marjolie’s special formscape features a simple outfit, is swingingly in harmony with the footsteps and lights up a corner of the space when randomly placed.


The beautiful days are here.

Walking on bare feet, indulging the transformation of the atmosphere, we dream about freedom and the sensuous waves gently kissing the beach and lapping on the sand. We gaze up at the crystal clear blue skies to see new colours and dream about new horizons.

A Leinné piece is about emotions.

We encourage the true dreamers and capture their dreams to transcribe them in Leinné designs, the process of making as well as in-store atmosphere.

See you this weekend at Leinné Apartment for more beautiful pieces of Crystal Blue. Come dream with us!


Crystal Blue 1.1

Crystal blue: a colour of the sky in summer days, a colour that inspires dreams, calmness and tranquility.

Crystal Blue 3

leinné (noun): an innate wanderlust

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Jackie Kennedy - The woman who inspired the world with dreams and courage.

Her style, sensibility and love are a source of timeless inspiration.

Crystal Blue 2

Inspired by curves and minimalism, Lune Hat features curvy lines rolling around its brim and crown, decorated with an elegant tie and Crystal blue band which are skillfully handcrafted.

Crystal Blue 4