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Style is something that gets better with age, it is definitely what you feel on the inside that finds its own way to express itself to the outside. Leinné was fortunate to have a private appointment with Ms. Nguyen Huu Hanh during her busy work schedule. As a director and business woman, this woman also has her own rules in enjoying her private world, her belief in personal style, passion for beauty and art.

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Having started working since sophomore year in college, what are the passions motivating you with your career choices?

“Family” has always been my main motivation to achieve goals and success as a business woman. I’m always striving for their happiness and real life satisfaction, “Fortune is not an end but a means to an end”, therefore balance between work and life is what i’m living for, to both support my family and to enjoy my own life. 

What are the traits of a modern successful woman in your opinion?

‘Borned as a woman” makes it harder to become successful. With challenges and judgements ahead, i believe “honest - strong - bold” are the must-have tributes for a successful woman. Life will never stop being tough, but a woman who understands herself would be invincible

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If you weren’t a business woman, what would you choose to become?

I was born in art since my parents were professional photographers in Saigon back in the 70s. The love for arts has stayed in my vein ever since i picked up a brush and started my very first painting. If i were not a business woman, i might now be an artist travelling here and there, to see and to draw for the record of beauty all around this marvelous world. 

What you love to do for relaxation and chilling, especially on the weekend?

To be honest, it was rare for me to be free. However, whenever i manage to have my own space, i would enjoy shopping and taking care of my body. Besides, i usually hang out with friends and colleagues, to be more social and to listen to their stories,  since i believe ‘sharing is caring”

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What’s the most important thing in your personal life right now?

Since i’m single so obviously, family and my brainchild - Vietbuzzad are the most important. It’s one of my life achievement to be able to take care for the whole family, in terms of a stable life without crisis or hardships like before. However, at the moment, realization of Vietbuzzad’s 10-year vision is the most crucial to me above anything else. 


Having an elegant fashion style, how did you find and choose Leinné’s designs, be a Leinné Woman?

I randomly found Leinné when searching for travel essentials during preparation for my last Europe trip. What i love most about your brand is the ‘sustainability effort” showed in each design through materials that i can hardly find in this Saigon. Furthermore, each of the designs are surprisingly sophisticated and different, which aligns with my personal needs and taste for fashion items. 

One fashion item that you cannot live without on trips? 

I guess this depends on the purpose of the trip, whether it’s for vacation or business purpose. For vacation, i would prefer small to medium sized bags that can fit in daily essentials such as phones, purse, lipstick or battery..However, for business trip, i would love to buy medium to big bags. On the other side, they might differ in functions but all of them must be fashionable and beautiful, that’s my criteria in purchase for everything.  



What fashion accessories that you love most? What your mix-match style for these items with outfits?

Hats and sunglasses are my go-to IT-tems day by day. They are said to ease my image and make me more gentle, it’s unconventional and i just love it. I even have the hobby to collect hats from each of the countries i go to as it’s culturally diversified, which surely also explains for my liking towards this items. 

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Leinné Woman of June, Cheng Bao Phuong, a brilliant businesswoman. But there’s much more interesting about this woman than a business mind: passionate, consistent, seductive and confident. Now in her luxury apartment, she talks about her inspiration, private life, love and happiness on her little family.
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Which inspiration inspired you to participate in business and become a brilliant businesswoman now?

In my opinion, Business make me more confident , glamor woman and help me has a deeper look in every aspect and perspective in life and especially to live the way I want.

What changed in life and work when you became a mother?

My children are a precious gift for me. They are motivation making me constantly study and practice to become a mother like today, and make me love myself more. Being a mom, I always tried to give them a peaceful and beautiful sky so it seemed that every storm had to stop behind my door when I started raising my children.

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How would you describe your daily bag?

A little bit of elegant with delicate but still convenient, I want they come with me everywhere with any purpose.

After busy working hours, what do you spend the rest of your time on?

For me, family is something that I really treasure, next to myself. Therefore, every day I spend all my time I can for those two things.

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As a fashion enthusiast and be diverse in style, what makes you find and choose Leinné's designs, becoming a Leinné Woman?

My first time with Leinné was this lovely hat. Durable material and a raffia bow, I take it with me almost on every trip. Well, a lot of people ask me about Leinné hats.

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What is your advice for young people on their way to finding their dreams and happiness?

Never give up on your dreams, try your best to pursue the dreams and happiness you always desire. But do not hurt others because of your happiness.

What plan did you have for your dream vacation for this summer?

Every year my family always enjoy peaceful and relaxing sea, this year is no exception.



"Dream is

the thing

that matters."

We met Minh Trang in a sunny afternoon, walking around the heart of Saigon, listening to the story of her early days with Mơ Concept and Cream.Y, the way she engrave her dreams and passion on every products.


How did you discover Leinné?
I know about Leinné through an article on Bright magazine, and Leinné got my attention right away. Your products have a kind of classic beauty yet bring me such fresh and modern look.




Why did you decided to start your own labels?
I started Mơ Concept and Cream.Y with all of my passion for love - love to have a good sleep or to be a beautiful bride. I wanted to spread my passion to everyone that has the same dream. And the most important thing is, back then, I believed that Dream is the thing that matters; as long as you kept nurturing it with a lot of efforts and actions, it would come true.

Did you encounter any challenges in your brand building journey?
Expressing the story and spreading the meaning of our product value to customers have been the biggest challenge in branding process. As what I want to make is not only just products to touch, to use, but also the experience for customers to feel the positive spirit of the products.

What motivated you to be successful at such young age?
Honestly, I haven't found myself to be successful yet. (not that I am a humble; I still have shortcomings to overcome). I think I have been very lucky as I still didn't know how well I was able to do it at first. All I knew is that I had dreams and I needed to do something to make them come true. That's why I started working on it and have developed my brands by following my instinct and improving myself every single day.

What makes you love most about your job?
The ability to express fresh and positive vibes to everyone is what I value most about my job. Through Mơ Concept, I send our customers the message of how a good night sleep treats your life. Via Cream.Y, the message is "Step to a new journey of life in the dress especially made just for you - only you - as you deserve to be beautiful and unique on that day.”


Describe your dream vacation.
By nature, romantic and enjoyable.

Can you share with us your most memorable holiday?
That was a beach trip on the island with my boyfriend. It's quite isolated with blue water, white sand and delicious food. We had a lot of fun and were so relaxed.


Which spot(s) would you recommend us visit on our next holiday?
Vietnam is well known for incredible beaches and islands. Phu Quoc is the biggest one and I’m sure that you will be impressed when coming this island.

What is your favourite "Leinné" places in Saigon?
L’usine is the first one to come to my mind whenever I need relaxing time with my friends.


How would you describe your everyday bag?
Trendy and practical. I usually have to carry quite a lot stuffs with me everyday, so high application is what I need. And trendy is what expresses me the best ☺

Any big plan(s) for this year?
Focus on design development and a bigger studio for Cream.Y. One more clothing store as Fashion, especially Clothing is one of my dreams.

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Love in flowers

Inspired by nature and the beauty of flowers, Miso Lee created her very own flowers studio in Vietnam - Flowers in you. Her sense of creativity and the passion she put into her work makes every flower arrangement unique and beautiful in its own way.

Having lived in Vietnam for over 10 years, what do you love most about this country?

One of the things I love most about Vietnam is that I can see nature all the time. There are a lot of trees, plants and flowers around the city, especially in the area where I live. It's so refreshing to see nature everywhere. And I also enjoy the leisurely atmosphere of Vietnam, I always feel so relaxed here.

What is your favourite spots in town?

I love nature, hence my most favourite place in town is probably in front of my studio - lots of wild flowers, trees & plants.


How did you choose to become a florist?

Since I was little, I love art, nature, music, drawing, photography and travel. I also love to create new things and express my feeling and emotions through my creation. Flowers are so beautiful yet so ordinary, anyone can buy flowers and display them at home, but I want to create something different through flowers, to make them even more beautiful and emotional.

What do you love most about the job?

I can help people to express their feeling and send messages through my flowers arrangements: love, joy, happiness and sometimes comfort. Flowers in you's philosophy is "You deserve love anywhere, anytime. I deliver love in these flowers."

Delice Classic Hat
Delice Classic Hat
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Flowers in you's philosophy is "You deserve love anywhere, anytime. I deliver love in these flowers."

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Can you describe your typical working day for us?

I start the day by walking to my studio, take care of the all fresh flowers and prepare the studio for a class or another work like wedding or photoshoot.

Your flower arrangement style is very new and different from the traditional florist style in Vietnam. How do you describe your style?

Nature always inspires me, so I want to pursue a style that preserve that naturalness but at the same time, still look nice and properly done. My bouquets or arrangements seem to look like a they are freshly cut from the garden or the forest.

Delice Classic Hat
Delice Classic Hat
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Describe your favourite hat style

I like a natural style - simple and basic.

How do you feel about the connection between you and Leinné?

I have a very strong emotional connection with Leinné. Leinné products always bring me such a natural feeling, and they make me feel like I can escape from reality for a little while, maybe to travel somewhere far away. The feeling of the raw, natural also make me think about travelling.

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What kind of clothing and accessories you feel comfortable in?

For materials, linen and cotton. For style, simple, minimal in natural colours.

What is your next plan for Flower in U studio?

I will continue to develop new and creative design, occasionally hold special event, workshop and classes.

It’s time to celebrate women with inner strength. An extraordinary mind can be discovered in every woman we know.

From London to Hongkong and Saigon, Julia has inspired many young people to find their confidence and develop their skills.

Here, she shares her fashion sense, memorable impression of the people and cultures from Europe to Asia and also The Middle East, and her life-changing moments


Hello Julia, what brings you to Vietnam?

I had visited RMIT Vietnam a couple of times for events and was very impressed with the fashion work and the team delivering the programme. I also loved HCMC so when I heard that they were looking for a discipline lead for the fashion area I applied and got the job. I felt that there was a real opportunity here to make a difference, working with a developing industry in a fast-growing environment where there are a lot of opportunities for young people to get into fashion.

Can you share with us your favourite spots in town?

I have already found some favorite spots like Prem bistro in District 3. I am a vegetarian and they do the best vegetarian food. Tram Cafe in Phú Nhuận District because the setting is magical and I love Koi fish; they have the most amazing collection.

The crescent lake in D7 where I live, I love to watch people here and there are lots of dogs. I miss my french bulldog Barney who is now back in the UK with my son. The Crescent is also where I go to the Centuryon gym and work out with Kelly my personal trainer; and I take painting classes with the lovely Ms Thao at Erato Studio.

You shared that you have passion for travelling. What are the most memorable places and the best feelings in the world for you?

I have been lucky to travel extensively in my work and to visit some places I would never have been to otherwise. Some of the most memorable are Uzbekistan, Syria and Bangladesh. Uzbekistan was memorable for the amazing hospitality of the people and the rich mixture of cultures that have influenced their textiles.

I think my favorite city is Istanbul, it is a crossroads between east and west with amazing architecture, fabulous food and I love the markets; especially the ceramics which are so colourful.

How do you dress for everyday and on vacations? Does your fashion style express your personality?

I would describe my style as smart casual, I wear a lot of black and white and add a splash of colour such as red or pink through my accessories.

I like classics with a bit of a twist, I also look for good quality and try to support local designers/ businesses. I never buy anything just for the logo, in fact I own very few big brand names. I do own some McQueen scarves but that is because I love the prints and the quality of the silk. I think of my clothing in terms of pay per wear. I am willing to spend a lot on something if I know that I will wear it often and it is classic that will last a few seasons. I also like to think in terms of sustainability, I don’t like throwaway fashion and I always try to pass on my clothes or recycle them when I know longer want or need them.

On holiday I pack the bare minimum I try to just take cabin baggage as I have had experience of losing my luggage more than once. I love to swim so a selection of bathing suits and beach wraps are essential otherwise it shorts t-shirts and one or two loose cool dresses;I look for things that will not crease easily.

What kind of clothing and accessories do you feel connected with? What special about it?

I have some items in my wardrobe that I have had for many years and I still wear them; a black jacket with chinese embroidery is one example. I bought it in 2005 and people still comment on it when I wear it. The other is a pleated silk evening dress that was designed by a friend of mine Tonia Bastyn. I love her clothes; she really understands what women like to wear and the cuts are always interesting. I have worn the dress to many special occasions and parties so it has a lot of memories attached to it.

Looking how you enjoy wearing your clothes right now, what are the stories behind them?

The blue dress I bought from a local brand Bunga, I had the sleeves altered to suit my style, I love the cut and it is very well made. The white shirt is from Shanghai Tang a well-known brand in Hong Kong where I used to live , this was given to me by a friend because it didn’t fit her anymore. I like to recycle clothes and often swap things with friends. I love the simplicity of the cut and the lovely knot button detail. The chinos are from Marks and Spencer; they have been making this style for some time and I have bought them in navy, black and cream. I find it difficult to find trousers that fit well and work with the weather here; these are perfect and good quality.

How would you make your clothes matched with? 

I commissioned a tailor here in HCMC to make a shirt from some beautiful red silk that I found in a store in District 1 . The colour is stunning and it has a Chinese motif woven into the fabric that is subtle but pretty. I can dress it up for an evening with silk pants or down for daywear with jeans. I have a pair of red tassled earrings with Chinese knots that go perfectly with it. People always comment on it when I wear it and it is extremely comfortable.

Could you share about your decision to become a lecturer, especially in major of fashion?

I studied a BA in fashion and textiles and then went on to a Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art in London. I started to teach part-time whilst designing my own knitwear label and doing freelance work. After doing part-time teaching alongside my own work for a while I was offered a full-time job managing a National Diploma Course. By this time I had my daughter and teaching fitted better with my family life.  I found that I loved teaching and so I studied for a Doctorate in Education at Surrey University. I worked at Croydon College for 11 years running the fashion area and then moved on to London College of Fashion where I stayed for 18 years in several roles. My last role was as Associate Dean of the School of Design and Technology. I worked on a lot of International projects whilst at LCF and that work gave me the motivation to move to Asia. Before joining RMIT in Vietnam I worked at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Most universities are looking for lecturers with a combination of industry experience and qualifications, it is becoming more difficult to get into higher education as a lecturer as a lot of universities now require a doctoral degree.

What are you most passionate about your work?

I love watching the students develop their skills and confidence. As a teacher I want to ensure that the students get the best experience that I can give them and to prepare them for the reality of the industry that they are entering. I love working with clothes and textiles but I am also passionate about changing the wastefulness that goes on within the fashion industry. I try to teach my students to make conscious decisions about the materials and processes that they use.

How does your everyday look like?

I get up at 5:30 do the plank exercise for as long as I can hold (current record is 8 mins) then I go down to the pool do 600 jump ropes and 20 lengths. After my workout I feed my pet guinea pigs and let them have a run around while I have breakfast. At 08:00 I head out to work on my lovely refurbished Honda Cub scooter.

If it is a teaching day then I will normally have a class at 09:00- 12:00. I grab a quick lunch in the staff canteen where I catch up with colleagues. The afternoon will usually be a mixture of meetings and administration or an industry visit. We try to work closely with industry to provide the students with authentic projects and activities.To be honest no two days are the same which is what I love about my work. I get to meet people from all over the world and in different areas of the industry from manufacture to media.

In the evenings there are often work-related social events to attend or I will go to the gym for a training session or yoga. I usually attempt the Guardian Cryptic Crossword before going to bed, it helps me to relax and also trains your brain to think laterally.

Have you ever been through a life-changing moment. How was that experience?

I have recently been through two life-changing events. The first was the end of my marriage of 28 years and the second was discovering that I had breast cancer. I view both of these events as positive influences. Being single again has enabled me to travel, meet a lot of new people and make new friends and also to spend more time doing the things I enjoy like painting and hiking.

Having cancer changed my attitude to life, I realised that I spent a lot of time worrying about things that were really not that significant. It has made me appreciate everything that I have and made me more adventurous. I am now a much happier person then I was before the diagnosis. It has been treated and my prognosis is good so I intend to enjoy life and have more adventures, the next one will be becoming a grandmother in September.

Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

My mother has been the main influence on my life; she brought up three children on her own whilst running a photography business. She is now 81 and has a number of health issues but still spends time doing things to help others like knitting hats for charity. She never complains and is always there with some sensible advice or a kind word when needed.

The book that had the most influence is “The Creative License” by Danny Gregory, I read it at a time when I was no longer doing the things that gave me joy because of my workload at that time. After reading this book I began to draw and paint again. Painting is my therapy, whenever I get stressed I pick up a brush and start painting.

How would painting be part of your daily life?

My paintings are mostly figurative and inspired by nature and my love of colour. Usually I paint animals, flowers and landscapes that have a meaning for me. I have a painting of my dog Barney hanging in my lounge; it is a fantasy piece where he is floating on a lily pad, it combines several of my favourite things, water lilies, koi carp and a dragonfly. I am just starting my first attempt at a portrait of my daughter, I miss my kids who still live in the UK and painting them is a way of feeling connected.

Besides painting, what do you do in leisure time?

Painting and designing and making jewellery are my two main hobbies. I started painting about 5 years ago; I started with watercolours but now also work in oils and acrylics. I started making jewellery about the same time. I work mostly in silver with semi-precious stones but recently designed and made an engagement ring for my son. Fortunately, his fiancee loves it and I was really flattered that he trusted me with such an important commission.