Earth Day 2018


As sustainability is our core value, on the occasion of Earth Day on April 22, Leinné wants to bring more value to the environment and also spread this message of love for our planet.
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There are three things you can do to join us on this meaningful journey:

1. For each Henriette Square, you purchase on April 21&22 this year, you are accompanying with @Nicky Khanh Ngoc, @Helly Tống, and Leinné to contribute 22.4% of the revenue to an environmental organization.


2. With each design you buy from Leinné, you are contributing to the mission of sustainability and minimalize carbon footprint. The product is made by hand in our 20-year-old atelier in Saigon, Vietnam, with biodegradeable raffia from Madagascar and upcycled linen - all natural, stylish and healthy for our planet, you can be proud holding a Leinné bag as an everyday-luxury.

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3. By sharing this message, you are taking a small action with big impact to spread the message of green in this meaningful day.



It was a pleasure for us to spend Leinné “Touch, Feel, Sense” anniversary event with you last Friday. 

It was a memorable night, a journey through our new art space, new collection, presentation of “Touch, Feel, Sense” and the story of our founders, and our heritage: from our 20-year atelier to Leinné brand.

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Together we indulged every moment ...

Leinné team would like to thank Bakes SaiGon for serving delightful cakes, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. for bringing over lovely tea flavors and Pilosa for beautiful flowers.

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Delightful finger food from Bakes 

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Calligraphy Station

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Heritage tea introduction from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

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Plants and trees from Pilosa

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Prosper Tree

We can't wait to enjoy more of these good moments with you, to send positive energy and to bring the aesthetic of “Touch, Feel, Sense" into life under different transformation.



Leinné Team

There is something special on January 24th.


It is said that a birthday is a great opportunity for friends and family members to show how much they love a person. Because you are our friend, we highly appreciate receiving your wishes and messages for our birthday. Your kind words will remind us how much we are loved. This special day is coming, we also have something for you: A chance to get a Lune hat from Leinné with #HappyBirthdayLeinné

This is what you can do to make our birthday complete:

  1. Share your truly favorite things about Leinné and your sincere birthday wishes to us on your Facebook in ONE post with #HappyBirthdayLeinné
  2. Include the image of Lune hat we provide here in your post
  3. Wait for magic moment on January 31st, 2018

We will find you to feel the message you convey in your post . After thoroughly selecting, we will announce THREE owners of the most impressive posts on January 31st, 2018. The winners are free to choose your Lune hat’s colors including classic ones like black, grey, cherry red or colours of the season like river blue, sunlight and smoke mint.

#HappyBirthdayLeinné program starts on January 3rd and will be closed at 11:59 pm January 28th.    

Note: Hashtag #HappyBirthdayLeinné is only accepted with the accent on the “é”

leinnéholiday contest

leinnéholiday contest
Contest | #LeinnéHolidays:

Share your favourite holiday moment by hashtag #LeinnéHolidays for a chance to win Equidem Initial set.

*Contest time: From 18/12 to 30/12

* Announcement: 31/12

*Winner will be revealed and contacted by us on 31st December


STEP 1: Take a photo on your vacation: yourself, landscape, people, views…. that you consider it is a #leinnémoment, a moment with leisure and inné. 

Step 2: Post it on Instagram and Facebook and write a few lines describing your #LeinnéHolidays and why you consider it the best moment. Include the hashtag #LeinnéHolidays and tag us on your photo.

Step 3: Wait for the result announced on the 31st December.

One selected winner will win an Equidem Initial set, a set of 3 mini travel bags embroidered with your Initial. 

Note: Hashtag #LeinnéHolidays is only accepted with the accent on the “é”



Leinné always dreams of a private event where our beloved customers feel welcome, where they can stay together and talk about their love of bags and hats that they carry around anywhere they have been to.

Then the dream comes true…

We have a month to make a plan and turn our ideas into reality. Here we can decribe it for your imagination.The party comes in four colors: the bordeaux red of champagne, the black blue of night, a little lafayette green on leaves and the beautiful yellow shining from lights in Leinné Apartment.

painting, champagne, Leinné, colourscheme

And to truly satisfy our customers, we have been together in many days to prepare carefully every single thing like the small Christmas lights, tablecloth, decorating materials. We also have a lot of ideas to arrange and decorate our bags and hats. We always try to make it perfect.The Gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Leinné, Saigon, Private event

We offer FREE gift wrapping service for any products you buy at Leinné Apartment. We understand that the end of the year is the best occasion for ybest wrapping papers, the most beautiful boxs and various kinds of ribbon to make your gift special to express your love and sincere gratitude to your beloved ones.The Gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Leinné, Saigon   All we want to do is to create a space where our special guests can have some champagne together and enjoy this moment when the music is played. Nat King Cole ‘s Christmas songs are always a good choice for a warm night in a beautiful room of an old French style villa. We wish you could be here to feel the atmosphere in this moment.The Gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Leinné, SaigonThe Gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Leinné, Saigon, Private event Leinné would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for those who always give us the best supports in every steps we have been through. It is our honor to have you in our journeyThe Gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Leinné, Saigon, Private eventLeinné thank you for your time staying with us in these very last sentences. Now we have another dream, a dream of a night being with you in the next private event. If you meet us in that dream, we will make it real. Hope to see you soon.The Gift, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Leinné, Saigon, Private event