The spirit of optimism and positive energy are what Ms.Annie brings to everyone. For Annie, the smell from her mother’s dishes; sounds of nature; the hug of her beloved one; summer, sea, gelato or a moment to reward yourself 4 hat at the same time are best feelings in the world. She will be with Leinné for an afternoon walk around leading to her favorite bistro to share her story and journeys.

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It was a pleasure to know you. Can you tell us how did you discover Leinné?

I accidentally discovered Leinne through an Instagram post. It was random, I remembered the first time I saw the blogger wearing her hat, it was like love at first sight. So I did a bit of research and visit Leinne apartment. I fell in love with every single piece, every little detail that I know the owner must put so much love into this space.

It looks like you share our passion for travel. Tell us about the most memorable places that you have come by and your experience?

Yes , I was lucky enough to travel to a number of beautiful places. But by far for me, London always holds a special place in my heart.

It is a unique city with a very special atmosphere and and incredible energy. I have been to London as a solo traveller twice, both trip was very memorable to me. With plenty of resting spots such as a bar of cafe,  I can easily chill with a cup of cappuccino or a good drink just like any British would do. I like also very much of London morning sunrise with charming empty streets and squares.

I plan to come back to the capital city of Britain next year when the sun is out, because I really miss the Blood Orange Sorbet & Ricotta and Sour Cherry gelato from Gelupo. It gives me real 10 minutes of happiness 🙂

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You worked as a fashion buyer in Australia for almost 10 years. How was that experience?

Yes, it was the best thing I have ever done in my 20s. I worked as a part-time retail assistant when I was in university. I was good with numbers but I know I was better with clothes.  I always love shopping and dressing up for my friends on occasions. A year after my graduation I decided to switch from my office desk back to retail industry and worked my way through every corners of the company at that time.

From retail manager to head merchandiser/ buyer, I just love the job more and more everyday. Together with the board, we proudly grow the company from 7 to 15 retail locations across Australia in 2017. Looking back, I was really happy with the journey I have gone, the career that I have built. It gives me so much more, not just about fashion,      it is also the people I have worked with. They are amazing experience.

Annie- Bistro- Délice hat- Simone bag- Words of Love

Annie- Bistro- Lune hat- Simone bag- Saigon

What are your next travel destinations?

Next week, I am going back to Australia with my mom to visit my brother for about a month. I am looking forwards to long overdue catching up sessions with all my favourite people, enjoying beautiful weather, good food and great coffee.

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Can you share with us your favourite spots in town?

My favourite place to get my caffeine fix daily is Shin. Just like their slogan, they are really the “best coffee in town”. Books or laptop, my day will be just right. My most-go-to brunch spot in Saigon must be L’usine. I love their interior design, delicious menu and great ambience. I usually opt for the coconut juice and a healthy salad for sunday brunch with the girls.Annie- Bistro- Délice- Simone- Words of LoveHow do you dress for everyday and on vacation?

To be honest, half of my wardrobe is black . It is my favourite color and it goes just fine with my go-to-work accessories. I dress in black three times a week and trying to put some colors on every other day. When I am on vacation mode , my wardrobe can turn into a summer party. I like florals and a lot of florals, bright colors and as many hats as possible 🙂

What kind of clothing and accessories you feel comfortable in?

I love the simplicity of black and white , classic tailor and shape that lasts for years. I used to buy a lots of clothes as a buyer, that gives my a drawback in selecting my own styles. I tend to buy less now, but invest more in high quality and unique pieces that I will wear comfortably for many occasions. I collect more hats every year, because they can do a makeover for my outfits in just minutes.

Do you think of anything you would like to do in the next few years?

I am thinking to create a platform / website where women can hire or borrow their outfits to wear on different occasions. My best friends and I are fond of the idea of sharing the wardrobes and we found that there are not so many affordable options for occasional wears in Saigon. Therefore, I hope to continue to be a buyer and adviser on my own, styling and making women looking more beautiful everyday 🙂

Annie- Bistro- Lune hat- Simone bag- Saigon- Lusiné

Photographer: Jamie Longg
Art direction: Hai Minh (Mimi)
Content editor: Nghi Tran

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